• mamstrong808

Cold therapy: my 3 fave ways

My 3 favorite ways to do cold therapy 🥶

1️⃣ Chest freezer full body for 3-5 min or lower body 12-15 at 36 degrees . Hurts so much for the first few min but that builds mental strength. See me smiling? 😁

2️⃣Ice bath with 100 lb ice for 18 min lower body. Just love this method so much. So effective.

3️⃣ Cold plunge in stream for 20 min followed by sitting on a sunlit rock . So great to be in nature with my hubby and kids ❤️

🥶I get in the cold a couple of times a week and definitely a day or so before a big race.

🥶I never get in ice or put ice on my body after training for at least 4-6 hours. We need the inflammation to grow back strong muscle fibers. I wait until my off day.

🥶I absolutely feel a positive difference in muscle recovery, inflammation, joint health, fat burning and sleep 💤from getting cold.

🥶Try one of these methods this week and tag me in your story! 💪🙌