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Define No Obstacles

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

There is so much truth in the saying that, "We are our own worst enemies." Many of us battle negative thoughts of doubt and worry on a daily basis. Negative thoughts of fear and low self-esteem are the first ingredients to manifesting failure and lack in your life.

It takes daily conditioning to reverse these negative thoughts. The conscious mind thinks from a literal standpoint and relies only on the five senses to make its judgements. We have to concentrate on disciplining the conscious mind to ignore sense evidence and concentrate on the power that dwells in the subconscious sphere of the mind. We have a source of tremendous latent power that is there for the taking, once we align with it mentally, and acknowledge that nothing in this universe is too good for us.

  • You counter negative thought vibrations by repeating positive affirmations to yourself several times a day.

The conscious mind is the navigation system. It will steer you in whatever direction you tell it to, through the repetition of your affirmations and the thoughts that you dwell on. If you fail to give it direction or dwell on the negative, it will steer you into the rocks, into negative outcomes, into failure. With all of the negativity in the world it is so very important that you take control of your thoughts and give attention only to thoughts of happiness, prosperity, health and love. Think of all the people you’re going to inspire and help along the way as you become the person that you know you were meant to be.

Build your self-confidence daily, and remind yourself that there is no one else like you in all of existence. The infinite never repeats itself. You are uniquely qualified to accomplish whatever you can conceive mentally so, define no obstacles on your path to the life you want to lead.

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