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Health benefits of Himalayan pink salt...

Himalayan pink salt comes from the Himalayan mountain range salt beds that date back over 200 million years. It was covered by ancient lava beds and ice that’s believed to have preserved it from the pollution of the earth, keeping it pure. It has a variety of pure minerals that are not easily found from any other food source. You can’t think of it in the same sense of ordinary table salt or any other kind of sea salt. These salts have been chemically processed with dangerous chemicals to the point that most trace mineral compounds have been eliminated. Other sea salt varieties have been contaminated and contain heavy metals to some point by the earths general pollution.

Himalayan pink salt has 80+ minerals including, magnesium, potassium and calcium, to name a few, that are vital to our health. Iodine naturally occurs in Himalayan pink salt, but is an additive to chemically processed salts. Doctors will tell you that most illnesses begin with a mineral deficiency. It’s because of some of these minerals that Himalayan pink salt can increase your hydration and provide you with many of the trace minerals that you need to perform at your optimal level.

Himalayan pink salt...

Here are a few of the benefits in using Himalayan pink salt

  • Regulates water at a cellular level

  • It helps balance your pH levels

  • It can lower your blood pressure

  • Good for your bone health

  • Help’s your body detoxify since its free of damaging heavy metals

  • Has positive effects on the bodies circulation system

  • Adrenal & Thyroid support

  • Positive effects on blood sugar levels

  • Reduces cramps

There’s a lot written about its ability to fight aging, benefits to cardiovascular health, aids in weight loss, etc. We won’t go into that but you can already see that there are tremendous benefits to utilizing Himalayan pink salt over chemically processed salts.

Adrenal fatigue is one thing that will drain your energy stores and leave you wondering why you feel sluggish and lethargic. Do some research into having a little Himalayan pink salt in the mornings with water or make a salty brine drink with the Himalayan pink salt, lemon and water. This will give you adrenal support and help balance your hormones and metabolism to prepare your body for the day.

Always check with your doctor for your recommended sodium intakes and take into consideration any preexisting health concerns.

We’re about optimizing human performance and health. Do some research and consider making the switch to Himalayan pink salt as another tool in human maximization in the Vector Up lifestyle.

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