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I train for 3 reasons;

1. My mind. 🧠

For me, training in some way has always been a key component to reaching an uplifted state of mind/being.

Aside from other sports I have played throughout life, weight training/ bodybuilding has become a constant for me because it allows me to be very direct with myself. It gives me certain time in the day to not only focus on my health, but slow my busy days- give myself some time to let my mind breathe- something I need; free flow of mind, no interruptions, and a challenge that I have down to a practice at hand.

When I step in a gym by myself I am quiet, I'm very focused. I’m thinking about only this on purpose. And I really am in a different world. I’d say this is a huge moment in my day where I can remain present for an hour. Focus on my thought flow, what I allow to influence my current mood/ what I shouldn’t allow to influence my mood.

Reflection - thought intake and output. This is important to control for me as a person and something I aim to get better at every day. Allow ideas to flow in, and out, perceive, feel, and move on. Lifting is important, because it decides on the time I use to engage with this part of my mind. I typically am not a very still human, so having a task at hand kind of supports my thought flow when I am introspectively looking in.

Though I do plan most of my training splits out, I think it’s important I engage in this sport with a free mind as well and just sort of play my training session by ear. Lifting can be quite pleasing when not so planned. I’m just thinking- zoned, lifting literally aimlessly (til failure🤣) and just reflecting on life. My Purpose. My moves.

Using my released endorphins in a way where I can positively look at my life. Usually when I leave the gym, I leave feeling life life is a little brighter than it was before I went. There is a mental tie I have created with training and it plays a huge role in my daily urge to go train.

2. The physical aspects.

Gaining muscle/strength, just like any other sport I have become engaged with, can have me feeling quite diligent. I have to grow muscle. I have to be stronger. I have to have a faster reaction time, more agility, higher jumps. I have to create the shoulders I want, the v taper I desire, the glute tie ins I picture; The physique I aim to achieve every day. I love it. The muscle. The ability to literally think, execute and see results is an amazing feeling. Muscle is truly something that is earned. Hard to justify how diligent a person must stay to gain/keep on muscle. It is not just time in a gym; I have created this space in my head that I consistently water, engage with, teach, and use when I am hitting a set til failure, making it through a competition prep, working though emotions, mental barriers, or anywhere I am hindered, challenged, pressed, tired, or questioning. I visit this hard earned space in my head- it feeds me, it reminds me, it grows me. Being capable of tapping into that space in your mind is not only remarkable, but its where all the magic happens. You are a revolving flow of what you give/ put into yourself. That healthy energy you spend comes back around to feed you and it is as strong as you have created it.

There is nothing like the love of looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing you are working to improve yourself on all levels. Mentally. Spiritually. Emotionally. Physically.

When you find that piece of mind- you begin to be able to give this world the optimal version of you.

3. Longevity.

That’s what we do this for.

You owe your life a best effort to something healthy a day.

You. People you inspire. People you surround yourself with. You owe it to yourself. That’s a life move. Longevity is it. That’s the goal. It supports all the other goals. The investment of time/ money into health is an underrated topic. HEALTH is WEALTH.

To live your life in health is something everyone deserves. That’s paying yourself love and attention. Time. Support. Caring for your body, your organs, the things that literally keep you doing all the shit you do every day. Baby it. Pay attention to it. Care for it. It’s your body. You get 1.

I truly believe, other than the endless amount of health benefits training/exercising offers, that manifesting a life that best supports your health is a key to remaining healthy/in a happy state of mind through life- we must not only believe we are healthy humans, but move, walk, talk and act as a healthy human would.

Taking care of yourself. Your health. The body you walk, do, talk and live in every day is an ultimate end of the spectrum and will remain a top priority in supporting health until the end of time.

Why do you guys train?

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