• Chris Gowen

Increase Your Optimal Longevity By Foam-Rolling

As we age our muscles get tighter and we lose a lot of flexibility that we had in our younger years. This is a very true statement and will be very apparent in your life if you're not in the practice of stretching and using a foam roller.

Throughout my years in law enforcement my body has taken a beating. From physical altercations, long surveillances, workouts, and carrying heavy equipment, your body gets torqued and damaged. I would start my days at 3 A.M. with a workout and then a long, unpredictable day would follow, often times with a lot of overtime. When I'd get home at night my body would be sore and achy. I discovered how a little self-care through stretching and foam rolling before bed helped me immensely.

The Benefits of Flexibility:

Like everything else in life its easy to find excuses for why we can't find the time to take care of ourselves. If you can't find the time to quiet your mind and take care of your body, your quality of life will only get worse as you age. The choice is yours and the perceived limitations you have because of being out of shape, or aging can be overcome very easily if you dedicate yourself to taking care of the greatest gift God has given you, Your Body.

As we age our tendons and ligaments will become stiff and the muscles will tighten if you don't use them. Staying flexible will not only increase your athleticism, it will also reap tremendous anti-aging benefits for you. Foam Rolling and Stretching can be uncomfortable at first and it takes time, but your body will thank you.

Weight training contracts your muscles, which shortens them. You are prone to injury when your bodies tight and imbalanced. By increasing your flexibility you will improve your range of motion. Stretching and rolling will help lengthen the muscles and tendons, which will help you stay active, healthy, and live with less pain.

Health is Wealth:

The old saying move it or lose it, is very true. Muscles have to be stimulated by physical activity in order to maintain strength and mass. If your not working out then you need to start there. Nothing stagnant grows or prospers so get your ass moving.


Increasing your range of motion, ROM, will allow you to do more exercises with better form. This translates into moving freely, feeling better, which may lead to decreased joint pain. I believe it will also improve your circulation and overall wellbeing.

Assuming that your already a training machine, then let's proceed with how to increase flexibility to become faster, stronger, and healthier. As always check with your doctor to make sure your healthy enough to begin a workout regimen.

If you don't have a foam roller go get yourself one. The firmer it is the more good it will do you. If you buy a really soft roller it won't have the desired effect. One thing I love about the Force Multiply Mobot Foam Roller water bottle is that it's firm and easy to take with me wherever I go.

Force Multiply Mobot

Foam Rolling:

Foam Rolling is a form of self massage and alleviates soreness, reduces inflammation, and aids in muscle recovery. It will help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle length and relieving tension. It increases blood flow to your muscle tissue, joints, and fascia. It helps with your overall mobility and will help you relax your tense body.

A Good Place to Start:

Upon Waking: Drink Some Water.

I'm adding some illustrations of areas you can hit with your foam roller, but I want you to You Tube some stretching and Foam Rolling routines so that you can customize the movements you're comfortable with. The goal is to progress to more difficult movements as you become more flexible. I want you to start slow if you're not in the practice of stretching or rolling. Find your comfort zone that you believe you can complete without injuring yourself.

Get in the practice of doing your routine upon waking and right before bed. You should also make sure to stretch and do proper warm-ups prior to exercise.

There is so much you can do with a foam roller that I encourage you to explore once you get down the basic concept. It's easy to do but you may feel a little awkward in the beginning if you've never used one before. Don't let this discourage you. Dedicate the time to yourself, especially before bed. This will really help you relieve the tension of the day that your body has incurred.

We would all love to get massages everyday but it's not a reality for most of us. Foam rolling and stretching is a great way to release tension and give your body the care and recovery it deserves. If you start rolling before bed you're going to sleep better and your mind will be clearer. Often times the simplest things can have a tremendous effect in our lives. Implementing a rolling routine will help you release tension, aid in recovery, and improve your mindset.

I'm always striving to become more successful at the Art of Life. Finding my Force Multipliers where I can. This is definitely one to add to your tool box. Stay Up.


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