• Chris Gowen

My Avocado Power Toast

People are always asking me about my diet plan and what I eat. I really haven't been one to follow diet trends, but Intermittent fasting has pretty much been in my nutrition plan for about twenty years now. I'm going to do an article soon on how I have used versions of "I.F." with great results over the years.

One of my main philosophies of nutrition is to eat clean as often as you can. I try to consume one gram of protein, per pound of body weight daily for lean muscle mass. There are times I operate in a calorie deficit depending on my body goals and training demands.

That being said, I like to chow down. I actually live for it. I love pizza, hamburgers, and don't get me started on some ice cream because I won't stop. I won't hesitate to eat a large pizza on my cheat day, but "I always pay for my party."

If I eat like an asshole, I always make sure to make myself pay for it the next day. I will increase my training intensity to match my intake. At this stage of my life I can be pretty precise with keeping my body fat low while continuing to increase lean muscle mass. I tweak my calories, carbs, and body weight to stay on track with my fitness goals for whatever the present need may be.

I also don't eat this way on a regular basis. I try to keep my diet healthy and on point. I feel better mentally and physically when I'm eating healthy, nutritious food.

"Self-care and physical accountability are cornerstones of my life."

Chris Gowen

Founder - Directional Force

Like most of you I don't have hours to spend in the kitchen everyday. I also don't have the culinary skills outside of the basics. I like quick and easy meals that are high in protein and easy to prepare. One of my quick and easy go-to's is my Power Avocado Toast. Its just avocado toast, but I add a few things that increase the nutritional value, and in my opinion create a taste combo that's truly on point.

Lets start with the Avocado:

  • They are a great source of potassium

  • They're packed with monounsaturated fats

  • They are high in fiber

  • Avocados are rich in folate

  • Rich in oleic acid, a very healthy fat

  • They reduce cholesterol and improve heart health

  • High in lutein, an antioxidant that has benefits for the eyes

  • Enhances the absorption of important nutrients

  • May help reduce the symptoms of arthritis

  • Improves skin

  • Around 3 grams of protein

I use 1-2 Avocados. I like to smash the avocado and spread it on 1-2 pieces of wheat toast, depending on my appetite. You can also use english muffins or rice cakes if you'd like.


  • Highly nutritious

  • Whole eggs are nutritionally rich and supply almost every nutrient you need

  • May support heart health

  • Eggs are rich in several nutrients that promote heart health

  • Source of betaine

  • Source of choline

  • May support eye health

  • May support weight management

  • High in protein and amino acids

  • 3-4 whole eggs provide around 24 grams of protein

I use 3-4 whole eggs. I cook them over-medium but you cook them how ever you like.

Place the eggs on top of your avocado spread and add your extras. I like to add micro-greens occasionally, but I always have a banana and blueberries topping it. I love the taste combination and I think you will to. It also adds some valuable vitamins and antioxidants.

CDG's Power Avocado Toast

It's simple, quick, and power packed. Its roughly around 30 grams of protein and is usually the last meal I have for the day, and I have it several times a week. I have an additional protein shake directly before bed with Whey and slow digesting Casein.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.