• Chris Gowen

The Culture of Perseverance -

Perseverance is the greatest determining factor to success in life. Everyone faces adversity, set backs, and fear, when attempting anything beyond the norm. The biggest successes in the history of the world have had the power of perseverance in their DNA and so do you.

If you think back to everything you’ve ever failed at you can most likely attribute it to a loss of interest and you let your passion die.

Perseverance Pays Dividends

If you’re truly passionate about whatever the endeavor might be, then nurture the concrete resolve that it will take to persevere and conquer the rough road that’s bound to appear from time to time.

Founder of Directional Force

Chris Gowen

The world is full of people that will tell you all the reasons "You can't," but I'm telling you that you can, if you have discipline and faith in yourself.

Creating a “Culture of Perseverance,” was one of the first core values I established when I started Directional Force. I wanted people to associate our brand with a “Never quit Mindset," focused on the power of cultivating self-confidence.

Hard work can overcome the mightiest obstacles, and always remember - You can’t fail if you don’t quit-