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Slow & Steady Does It

Transformation isn’t “given” to you by an expert...

It’s not from a program or an event.

It’s not a “breakthrough”

It’s not sudden

It’s not a magic sentence that “unlocks” you.

It’s staying with

It’s learning to hold to this truth.

Slower is faster

It’s sitting at the feet of the master and learning.

Then trying, then failing,

then relapsing back to the old way.

Then trying and succeeding,

then going back to the old way, then failing, then relapsing.

The trying and succeeding

and then repeating.

But the transformation isn’t you at the end.

A photo at the start and then one 10lbs lighter at the end is not the transformation.

It’s you learning to stay with your experience,

loving your system and and all the possibilities that exist within you.

It backing your own ability to hold and strive through your challenges

and the deep knowing that this ability, your strength will never leave you.

To stand in the heat of the fire that burns inside you.

It’s in this trial that you reveal the real “ME” and for that delicate and sacred process there is a speed limit.

Slower is faster