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The Hydration Benefits of Pickle Juice

You just finished the last pickle in the jar, and like 99% of consumers you're about to pour the juice down the drain. Not so fast, consider the hydration multiplier your holding in your hands. Pickle juice is one of the first tried and true sports drinks. Read on to learn what benefits it packs and how it can save you some money by using what most throw out.

Pickle Juice has been used by elite athletes for hydration for many years. It's a staple with the Alabama Football Program and has helped countless players beat the Southern heat and stay hydrated.

Pickle juice contains potassium, sodium, and water, which are important for hydration.

If you have depleted yourself with a hard workout or you've had a lot of sun exposure you need to replenish yourself. The minerals, sodium, and potassium in pickle juice can be a low cost way to do it.

Here's the Run Down:

  • It Keeps You Hydrated

  • It's Fat Free

  • It Contains Antioxidants

  • It Fights Muscle Cramps

  • It helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

  • It Has Probiotics

  • Promotes Gut Health

  • It's Cheap

Keep in mind it is high in sodium. 1-3 ounces a day is all that's recommended. You can also choose to dilute it with water. Three ounces contains about 690 mg of sodium. The nutritional guidelines from the FDA suggest consuming 2,300 mg's a day. If you have high blood pressure or other health concerns, you definitely need to check with your doctor before supplementing with pickle juice.

There are studies that suggest having pickle juice at meal time can reduce blood sugar levels. Homemade pickles and juice are obviously the best because the heat processing of store brands can eliminate the natural probiotics that occur in the juice.

Strenuous workouts and long periods of sun exposure causes you to lose fluids rapidly. Pickle juice can replenish you in a quick way and it's a lot cheaper than sugary sports drinks. Always check with your doctor before starting any new workout regimens and before starting any new supplements.

Go out and get some work in and try a little pickle juice to replenish. Your wallet will thank you.


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