• Gemma Gainz

Trust the Process

I haven’t always looked the way i look now. I haven’t always properly fed me body, to where my body could use it as fuel. In 2012, I was terrified of carbs. I rarely ever ate them and if I did, I would feel so guilty. I was obsessed with the thought of being “model skinny” and it was ruining my self esteem. I thought being 128lbs was “fat”. No matter how much weight I’d lose, I always felt i could lose more and more. Now, I get scared when I lose weight! I have so many goals and need to gain more, in order to reach them. Yeah, weight is just a number, but it’s a different kind of number now. I like watching that number go up, when I’m on my off season. It’s indication that I’m gaining muscle mass, in all the right ways. Why would i want to look “model skinny” when I can look like me and look the way I want to look. Looking the way I do, makes me feel like myself and that’s all I’ve ever wanted 💖

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