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Visualization- something I practice/tune into regularly.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

When you practice seeing yourself in the element you want to be in; you will find your future self, present in that element.

Visualizing the real deal is a key component to self-actualization.

There is no specific moment, time, or way this should happen. As long as there are moments in your time where you have assessed your day, reflected with your heart, and tapped into your introspective side so you may visualize this goal, life, result, or peace you desire.

Moments where you literally visualize yourself in the specific environment/physique/moment/state of being you dream to be in. The concept behind this is that one of; if we do not have a clear, clean, self presented idea that we aim for, there is nothing there to reach for. This must be thought out as bad as you want it. To the T. Vividly captured in your mind, so clear that it’s used for reference, in moments of why, for certainty in the way you move, for purpose.

Almost as if it were going to inevitably happen.

This preparation of your foresight, mind, and your expectations of yourself, is just as important as the execution part. They go together. They bring success together. One must;

Manifest. Execute. then, Succeed.

This is a must when preparing to execute where your ideal life demands you to.

Not only must we see these ideas in our head clear, but we must live a life that best supports it.

If you aspire to have your doctorate - why are you playing around?

If you aspire to be a bodybuilder- why are you using your time out instead of sleeping, eating your food & training?

The things you should be doing will pertain to your goals. If you aren’t choosing to do things that benefit your goals and asking yourself why you can’t make it happen, it’s because you are not living a life that reflects the goals you have set.

(You can really tell what people want, by what they do.)

This makes all of the things you want wishes, rather than goals. Which means they already aren’t going to happen in your head.

When you live a life with intent, you in turn are setting yourself up for success.

Stop wishing. Go DO. You‘re gonna get what you put into yourself. #visualization #directionalforce #manifest #KG #mindbuilder #tappingin #youarewhatyoumanifest

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