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What’s your fire?

As in;

What explodes your senses?

What types of literature do you find yourself lost in?

Who makes your heart feel like it’s attached to your bellybutton?

What tasks require no thought, but are simply just your subconscious productive actions? what principles set your mind straight, flow into your actions and what you do day to day.

What are you doing when you feel an irrevocable amount of passion + execution?

Who do you hear the loudest, speak to the easiest, and communicate with the most in depth?

Why do you wake up in the morning. Why do you earn money?

That’s your fire. Let it ease you through the day. Be your constant in life, and guide/ be your vice in low times.

Use your fire.

Integrate a system in life which keeps all of the relationships /aspects that produce your fire, in tact, respected, equally loved, cared for, and payed attention to/ watered. This is important. It is your momentum, your constant, your reasons why. With a solid foundation of why to have as a back; when executing to achieve success in anything, you will be driven further.

Water your fires people. 🔥 🤍

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