• Marques Ford

Why Power Training Is Optimal For Body Recomposition

Body Recomposition: To burn fat and build muscle simultaneously

The most effective way to build muscle and lose fat is Power Training. This type of training is what the majority of athletes do on a regular basis. Although they may be doing it to prepare for a sport or an event and not for the same reason as someone trying to change how they look, it still provides the same benefits of recomposition.

"Power Training" may sound intimidating at first but all the term means is the ability to exert force (strength) in the shortest period of time (speed). Strength exercises allow you to build muscle, while speed exercises tend to raise your heartrate which causes you to burn more calories. Both of these done simultaneously is what is called "Power".

To put it simply,


Some power exercises are:

Box Jump

Medicine Ball Throws

Jumping Lunges

Jack Press

Clapping Push Ups

Broad Jumps

There are power exercises that involve weights as well as only bodyweight. This allows for plenty of ways to fit them into your routine! Implementing some of these power exercises into your training program will help you to burn fat while making muscle gains at a higher rate than traditional Cardio and Strength Training.

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