Concentrate on your lifts without the worry of grip failure.  Our Raven honeycomb silicone lifting straps will help you achieve higher output in the gym with no grip slip. The silicone straps provide superior grip over nylon straps.  They also can be used in place of gym gloves to help reduce calluses.  You can use the straps on machines, free weights, kettlebells, pull up bars to name a few.  The padded wrist will provide comfort throughout your training session while improving your PR. 

  • Set includes two straps
  • Free Shipping
  • Heavy duty double stitching for durability
  • PVC Rubber DF Performance logo
  • Gold DF logo-honeycomb silicone strap patern for superior grip
  • Padded wrist

Raven Lifting Straps - Gold

COLOR: gold

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