Gemma Higgins

Athlete / Brand Rep

Gemma Higgins is a personal trainer, a Nationally Qualified, gold medal winning NPC Bikini Competitor, all-around awesome individual, and the newest Directional Force Athlete.  She has been bodybuilding for four years and competing for over a year and a half.  Gemma is not only a genetically gifted athlete, she has a work ethic that’s second to none.   She definitely has the formula to achieve a very high level of success in all of her future endeavors.  

In Gemma’s own words, “My whole life, I was reminded by my mother, that we were all put on this earth to give back in our own ways and that it’s our job to find out what that is.  I had experienced my own rock bottom and decided I would do anything in my power to turn that into a positive and make the best life for myself, which is exactly what I did.  From that moment I pulled myself out of that dark place, I knew it was my job to inspire and motivate others to love themselves and be the best version of themselves that they could possibly be.  That is my way of giving back.  The more I learn, as I continue going about my own life, the more I want to help, inspire and motivate others.  So, let’s do what it takes to love ourselves a little bit more, love others a little bit more and open our hearts to nothing but more positive energy and better opportunities."

There are big things ahead for Gemma, and she’s going to share her prep, training, and motivation as a blog contributor and sponsored athlete.   Check out Gemma’s training video blogs, on the blog page, and follow Gemma on Instagram @gemmagainz 

Mike Brose

Athlete / Brand Rep

Mike is a Functional Fitness Athlete, Bodybuilder, motivational speaker, Counselor, and former Law Enforcement Officer.  As a former baseball player and track athlete focused on running, Mike transferred his passion to weight & strength training when he became a police officer and never stopped.  Mike exemplifies the Directional Force Lifestyle,  and shares his motivation, encouragement, and mentor-ship with many. 


Check out Mike's training articles and upcoming video blogs, on the blog page.  Follow Mike on Instagram @superbrose 

Joe Abate

Athlete / Brand Rep

We’re Proud to have Joe Abate as a Directional Force Athlete.  Joe is full time member of the Air National Guard who has been deployed to the Middle East.  Joe was recently accepted to the U.S. Air Force, Undergraduate Pilot Program, which is a huge honor.   Joe is a fitness model and fitness enthusiast who helps motivate others to be the best versions of themselves they can be.  Joe represents everything we’re about and defines the Vector Up Lifestyle. 


We want to congratulate Joe on his recent engagement to his girlfriend Megan.  Everybody at Directional Force is wishing you guys all the best in your future together.  

Follow Joe on Instagram @Joeabate_ 


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