• Michael Brose

Taking Positive Contrary Action

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Hello DF fam! My name is Michael Brose. I am a Los Angeles native and have come to appreciate the diversity, opportunity, and challenges life in a big city has to offer. I grew up with lofty ambitions of becoming a professional baseball player but settled for being a successful middle distance runner in high school. I followed in my father's footsteps and began a 12 year tour in Law Enforcement at the tender age of 22. The energy I put into running transferred weight training as increased strength and size were preferable to a runner's build as a Police Officer. And who hasn't always wanted to fill out their shirt sleeves? Overcoming personal struggles paved the way for a career switch into Addiction Treatment. I'm currently the Recovery Counselor for adolescents in a Residential Treatment Center while furthering my education in Addiction Studies to become a Certified Drug Counselor.

Through all these external and internal life changes, there has remained one constant... fitness! What started as a desire to be physically fit has evolved into a desire to be fit in every sense of the word (Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit). What I've come to realize, sometimes painfully, is these four pillars or bodies are interrelated. We can not affect one, positively or negatively, without affecting the whole. My goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle where these four bodies coexist in harmony and only work to strengthen one another.

Coming to this realization has produced some astounding results and transformed the quality of my life. The secret for me has been taking positive "contrary action" which I do in some way, shape, or form every single day. This life changing idea is simple but not always easy. However, it gets a little easier every time I do it and I'm at a point now where it's occasionally second nature. I look forward to sharing my personal experience with the idea of taking contrary action in hopes it can improve the quality of your life. The idea has been presented to me by numerous caring friends & mentors and I want to pass it on to anyone else that does not feel completely in control of the outcomes in their life. For anyone wanting to take their entire body (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to the next level. And there is always a next level!

Until then, start by taking one action today that you don't necessarily feel like taking, but know in your heart of hearts, is for your greater good. It might be uncomfortable, but the discomfort will pass and it won't be as daunting the next time. Eventually this seemingly challenging task will become a habit, and new habits eventually become patterns and ultimately our lifestyle. #DFlifestyle #Vectorup #peoplecantransform #mindbody #contraryaction