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The Quarantine 100 Rep Workout

With much of the world quarantined in their homes its never been more important to maintain your physical fitness levels and mental well being. It's important for your body, your immune system, as well as your mental health. The release of endorphins that occurs during exercise will help adjust your mood and improve your self esteem, which is vital with the depressing world events occurring with the Covid-19 pandemic. The chemical process that occurs in the brain through exercise releases mood altering endorphins, serotonin & BDNF. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor is a neurotransmitter released during exercise and is scientifically proven to reduce depression. We have a more in depth article coming on that soon.

100 rep workouts have been popular for a long time. They're a perfect workout regimen to implement for the quarantine. We are going to base ours on body weight exercises that can be performed anywhere. If you have weights at home that you can incorporate into your 100 rep scheme do so as you see fit. Kettle bells or resistance bands are great tools for this regimen if you have access to them.

Depending on your fitness level you can start with a rep scheme that you feel comfortable with. You can start by doing 10 rounds of 10 reps each, with minimal rest in between. The goal is to complete 100 reps of four exercises chosen to complete the workout. As your fitness level increases you can add additional exercises and reps if you're comfortable with it. You can do 5 reps, 20 reps, 30 reps, as long as you complete 100 reps it doesn't matter how you get there. If you can't complete the 100 reps per exercise start with 10, 20, 30 reps, per exercise and work your way up. The point is that you have to start somewhere. Some people will have trouble completing 100 reps per exercise and that's fine. Set your goal at 20 reps per exercise or wherever you feel comfortable with. You can't lose as long as you start somewhere and strive to get better. Don't get discouraged. Make the decision right now that you're going to get better everyday from now until your last day. That's success defined.

Alternate any of the exercises below:

  • Squats -Body Weight

  • Jump Squats

  • Lunges or Reverse Lunges

  • Burpees

  • Push-Ups - You can alternate and do incline versions on your sink or decline with your feet on a chair & your body in the down position

  • Curls- Kettle bells, resistance bands, or weights if you have access

  • Crunch or sit-ups

  • Reverse dips- from chair or bench

  • Calf Raises

The above exercises are just recommendations for body weight exercises. You can add your own exercises that you choose or incorporate weight training if you have access to weights. The goal is to complete 100 reps of 4 exercises per workout. Work at your own pace but try to minimize your rest periods to keep the intensity level high.

Also work on your stretching and mobility while you're stuck at home. It's a perfect time to dedicate more time to accessory work and stretching, two things that usually get neglected.

The Quarantine 100 Rep Workout

Remember keep your mind right and maintain the Anti-Inertia mindset. Movement is the key to life and health, both mentally and physically. Movement of your thoughts toward your health & desired goals and physical movement for your health and fitness. Keep your positive thoughts on a resolution to this terrible pandemic and with all those who are suffering with it, as well as all those who have lost their jobs. We will heal as a whole and our fortitude will not waiver. You're Directional Force family is with you.


* You should consult your doctor and be medically cleared before beginning any workout regimen. Any workout regimen that you take on you do so at your own risk. We advise you against beginning any training regimen without consulting a physician first.

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