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Elite athletes have long-known and used Blood Flow Restriction Training, and now its your turn to take your training to the next level... Unlock the potential to serious gains and more vascularity by lifting less weight using BFR. Shape, tone, and change your physique by using the BFR method. The method is used by the NFL, MLB, NHL, International Olympians, US ARMY & many more, check out the links on our BFR Page.The effects of the method cause hypertrophy at low loads, usually around 10-30% of your 1RM. Over 200 studies done on BFR training and the results are indisputable... From preventing atrophy in wounded warriors & injured athletes, to gains obtained by the casual gym goer, BFR works. Check out the research links on our BFR Page...

Our Bands are:

  • Specifically designed for the BFR Method at the optimal specs...
  • Constructed from high quality Performance Elastic at the optimal 2" width...
  • Specifically designed so they may be used on the arms, legs and calves, no need for additional sets per body part...
  • Quick release adjustable clamping system to stay in place, easy on easy off, unlike using wraps, etc..
  • Set of two bands..
  • One year warranty 





Blood Flow Restriction Training Bands

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